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Basics of Breastfeeding Kits

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Save time and money with our pre-made Basics of Breastfeeding Kits. We’ve done the work for you, combining our most popular visual products, including pamphlets, tip cards, bookmarks and our door hanger, into four great pre-assembled kits!

Available in 4 Kits

Click on image to see contents of each kit.

Prenatal Kit Newborn Kit Back to Work Kit Family Support Kit

Want to choose the titles to include in your kit? See our customize options for details.

Product Details

Also available with Spanish products
Packaged in clear 5×11 ziplock pouch
Priced Individually
Sold in Packs of 100
Family Support Kit priced separately

Pricing Information

Please call for information about pricing and ordering kits.
Learn more about the products that come inside our Basics of Breastfeeding Kits!
Simply Breastfeed
Tip Cards
Mom’s Privacy
Door Hanger