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Simply Breastfeed

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Simply Breastfeed pamphlets give answers to common questions, helpful advice and information on eight breastfeeding topics.

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The Importance of Breastfeeding
Becoming a parent means having to make lots of choices. One of the most important decisions is how you will feed your baby. Your choice to breastfeed can make a difference for you and your baby, both now and in the future.
Getting Started
As soon as your baby is born, your body will be ready to breastfeed and your baby will have the instinct to nurse.That doesn’t mean breastfeeding will always be easy. It might take some practice before you feel like you know what you’re doing. After the first few days and weeks, breastfeeding will become easier for you and your baby.
Finding Answers to Problems
Breastfeeding is natural, but it isn’t always easy at first. You might have some problems that make it difficult. Once you overcome your problems, breastfeeding becomes easier and will be a very sweet and rewarding experience.
Working & Breastfeeding
When you have to go back to work or school, you do not have to quit breastfeeding. You can work and breastfeed, too. Breastfeeding and working takes patience and commitment, but it can be done and it will be worth it.
Starting Solids and Weaning
When your baby is six months old, he may be ready for solids, but breastmilk should still be his main source of food. After one year, your baby will get most of his nutrition from solid foods, but breastmilk will still help protect him from illness and provide comfort.
Breastfeeding for Teens
Supporting a Breastfeeding Mom
Having a new baby in the family is a very special time. Parents, grandparents, friends and other family members are all excited to share the experience of caring for a newborn. When you support breastfeeding you can help the mom be successful and the baby will be healthier.
Breastfeeding Multiples
Many mothers breastfeed two or more babies. It takes planning, commitment and help, but you can do it!

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