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Why Should I Nurse My Baby? 2019 Edition



2019 Edition in English and Spanish only.

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Why Should I Nurse My Baby? has been helping millions of moms and babies for over 25 years. The NEW 2019 edition is even better than ever!


Introducing our NEW 2019 Edition of Why Should I Nurse My Baby?. For over 25 years this book has been helping millions of moms and babies, and now it is better than ever!
This easy to read book explains why breastfeeding is best and how to be successful. It answers moms’ most common questions and promotes breastfeeding as the norm.
New features include:
   • Beautiful new cover.
   • Over 80 color photos featuring diverse families.
   • New CDC breastmilk storage guidelines.
   • Reorganized design and layout.
   • Simplified Latch and Position pages.
   • Designed for today’s modern mother.

LOOK INSIDE with sample pages below.

Product Details

48 Full Color Pages
5th Grade Reading Level
Question & Answer Format
Also Available in Spanish
Priced Individually
Sold in packs of 25
Revised 2019

Pricing Information

NEW FLAT PRICE of $1.95 per book. Call for prices on 2500 or more.

Sold only in packs of 25.
Prices subject to change.
New flat price applies to 2016 Edition only. See outlet page for other versions.

Sample Pages

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Ebook Edition

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Ebooks are the 2013 Edition.

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